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As jy wil weet waarom lees so belangrik is, kan jy net na die transformasie van taalvaardighede te kyk wat dit kan bewerkstellig. Lees is nie net 'n aktiwiteit nie; dit is 'n kragtige werktuig wat leerders ondersteun in hulle alledaagse lewe en akademiese vordering. Hierdie artikel ondersoek die impak ... Read More
22 February 2024Stimulus Maksima
If you’d like to know why reading matters


Why do we tell children to read? Why do we always tell children that reading books is beneficial for them? And is it even true in this digital age? Does reading novels actually help older children in any way? Are they moved by what they have read? Does reading to younger children have identifiable benefits? And, ... Read More
22 August 2017Stimulus Maksima


If you have your grade 12 and have possibly earned further tertiary qualifications, your literacy; both maths and reading skills; is probably something you take for granted. Basic literacy skills are introduced in grade 0 and grade 1 to form the foundation for all further education as well as providing ... Read More
5 July 2017Stimulus Maksima


For children, reading preparation and reading improvement are important milestones in their development. However, with computer games, PlayStations and apps taking up a large amount of their attention day in and day out, convincing a child to read is much more difficult for parents nowadays than it was when they ... Read More
9 December 2016Stimulus Maksima



You write what you read

Swopping your magazine for more complex, thought provoking material makes you a better writer. We all understand that reading is important. Reading develops the imagination, stimulates the brain, improves memory and helps us engage with real-life knowledge, but few people consider what we read might have an impact on what ... Read More
30 November 2016Stimulus Maksima

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