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As jy wil weet waarom lees so belangrik is, kan jy net na die transformasie van taalvaardighede te kyk wat dit kan bewerkstellig. Lees is nie net 'n aktiwiteit nie; dit is 'n kragtige werktuig wat leerders ondersteun in hulle alledaagse lewe en akademiese vordering. Hierdie artikel ondersoek die impak ... Read More
22 February 2024Stimulus Maksima


Minder as 30% van ons leerders lees effektief - moet ons dit aanvaar of is daar oplossings? Hierdie vraag bekruip ons dikwels as opvoeders en ouers. Maar daar is 'n antwoord - lees bly 'n kritiese deel van 'n kind se opvoeding. In hierdie artikel, gaan ons die krag van ... Read More
21 February 2024Stimulus Maksima


Understanding the main ideas of a text is akin to deciphering the map of a complex landscape. Just as landmarks guide travelers through unfamiliar terrain, identifying main ideas helps readers navigate the vast expanse of information contained within texts. In this article, we'll delve into the intricacies of identifying main ... Read More
20 February 2024Stimulus Maksima


Vocabulary comprehension lies at the heart of effective reading. Imagine navigating a foreign city without understanding the local language – it's a daunting task. Similarly, without a robust vocabulary, comprehending texts becomes a challenge. In this article, we'll explore the importance of vocabulary comprehension and unveil practical strategies to enrich ... Read More
19 February 2024Stimulus Maksima


We live in a tech savvy era with messages capabilities of up to 140 characters – but grammatically correct, good writing is still required when operating in our current business world. Do you disagree? Do you think any text shortenings and short, sharp tweets are the order of the day? Recently ... Read More
7 August 2017Stimulus Maksima


If you have your grade 12 and have possibly earned further tertiary qualifications, your literacy; both maths and reading skills; is probably something you take for granted. Basic literacy skills are introduced in grade 0 and grade 1 to form the foundation for all further education as well as providing ... Read More
5 July 2017Stimulus Maksima
Engaging with the community


For most companies, everything is about the bottom line. Success is measured in terms of meeting financial and production goals. This is true for every industry from construction to mining to manufacturing. It is one of the reasons for continued investment in technology and other resources. The reality, however, is that ... Read More
26 May 2017Stimulus Maksima
How your company’s social responsibility impacts sustainability


These days, it is imperative that companies recognise their responsibility to society. Large corporates can have an incredible impact on sustainability - whether it’s at economic, environmental or community level. By getting involved with the communities that they operate within and providing resources for ongoing development and improvement, companies help ... Read More
3 April 2017Stimulus Maksima


When it comes to childhood development and ensuring proper reading preparation, it goes without saying that there is no better Christmas gift than a new book. Here are five reasons why books make the best Christmas gifts – for children and adults alike! Books are Affordable Considering how expensive all those technology-advanced ... Read More
15 December 2016Stimulus Maksima

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