Reading Rocket computer-based reading program

A real gift is the gift of literacy for a lifetime!
Reading Rocket is a precious gift that ensures a future!
Show how much you care – let Reading Rocket strike at heart!

Reading Rocket computer-based reading program is in Afrikaans and English – specifically designed to master the skill of reading, regardless of what the current level of reading is.

Unlock the cutting edge on online education with Reading Rocket – the most powerful computer-based reading program ever! Start your successful reading journey in time!

With many schools having to make use of online teaching lately, Reading Rocket as an effective and proven reading development program, plays a pivotal part in assisting schools, teachers, and parents.

Reading Rocket is easy to use, but for special guidance, support and feedback, call on our experienced Reading Rocket Crew – they are trained, competent tutors who provide private Reading Rocket classes, or Reading Rocket online tutoring to ensure reading motivation and sustainable reading progress.

Don’t miss out on hours of fun-filled reading!

To get ready for next year’s academic requirements and rapid reading progress, get on board of the Reading Rocket computer-based program journey now.

Reading Rocket services include:

  • Accurate baseline assessment of reading skills
  • The all-in-one robust, user-friendly English and Afrikaans computer-based reading program
  • Fun-filled reading activities, enriched with voice prompts to guide and support learners from Grade 1 to 12
  • Continuous assessment and feedback of reading progress
  • A library full of graded stories, pictures, comprehension questions and lots of exciting reading exercises
  • Professional private classes or online tutoring for optimal progress in comprehension, reading speed, spelling and reading techniques, including personal support and feedback on reading progress

Benefits of the Reading Rocket – the ultimate reading program for a lifetime of success:

  • Learn to read the RIGHT way
  • Start reading on the level where you are and progress impressively
  • Develop adequate reading skills which ensures effective learning
  • Develop and sustain reading skills for a lifetime of progress and success
  • Improve reading skills the fun-filled way
  • Ensure a bright future through adequate reading skills
  • Works free from the internet after installation

We support:

  • Home-school learners to enhance reading and learning in an enjoyable way
  • Individuals looking to improve their reading skills for personal or business promotion
  • Private reading classes or online reading tutoring for one-on-one sessions or in small groups
  • Schools implementing a reading program during school hours and supporting any school curriculum
  • Tertiary Institutions and Language Institutions, to enhance student literacy and higher achievement
  • Businesses to improve employees’ productivity and effectiveness in reading and understanding English and Afrikaans
  • Social Community Projects’ educational reading initiatives

Get on board today for an unforgettable reading development journey with one of these programs:

  • Beginner’s Booster for 4 to 6-year olds (private classes only, maximum of 4 learners per class)
  • Reading Rocket learning to read (reading program, private classes and online tutoring for all ages)
  • Reading Rocket to improve reading at HOME (reading program, private classes or online tutoring)
  • Reading Rocket to implement as a reading project at SCHOOLS (reading program, teacher training and support)


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