Reading Improvement – Reading Rocket

Reading Rocket can determine the reading age of any individual, and has the features needed to remedy a lack of reading skill. Reading Rocket is the rescue vehicle from illiteracy to literacy.

The aspects mastered on the journey to adequate reading skills are:

  • Establishing an extensive vocabulary;
  • Proper spelling skills;
  • Advanced reading techniques;
  • Advanced levels of reading comprehension;
  • Reading motivation;
  • Reading speed appropriate for the individual’s age.

The application of Reading Rocket enables a culture of mature readers to unfold; they can change households, schools, communities and countries.

Reading Rocket is suitable for learners needing support as well as learners wanting to rise above the level required. Literacy levels and performance is monitored continuously.

The accurate information obtained from our baseline assessments makes it easy to:

  • Identify the causes for learning problems (most learning problems are a result of inadequate reading skills);
  • Identify probable causes for disciplinary problems;
  • Identify the causes for disciplinary problems as most learning problems are often caused by frustration due to a reading problem;
  • Take action to solve these challenges.
Reading improvement - Reading Rocket

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