Reading and Maths Preparation – Beginner’s Booster

Beginner’s Booster is a powerful computer-based supporting system, meeting curriculum outcomes, as well as developmental milestones.

The system monitors and stimulates the development of learners while they play. It is integrated with the school curriculum themes and outcomes. A unique, educational approach which integrates kinesthetic learning with two- and three-dimensional exercises, in an enjoyable way.

Beginner’s Booster is used to:

  • Identify any existing shortcomings during early childhood development;
  • Stimulate, establish and develop fundamental skills that enable learning and reading. Each animated theme contains exercises to support this development;
  • Capture data based on the expectations for each age group (4-, 5- and 6-year-olds) during lessons;
  • Create joy and excitement while learning;
  • Render therapeutic support to learners;
  • Create challenges and attainable goals through success motivation;
  • Enhance the self-esteem and confidence of learners.

The concept is based on the therapeutic principles used to determine the developmental milestones and skills for 4-, 5-, and 6-year-olds. It serves as a practical and functional aid for both teachers and therapists.

Reading and Maths Preparation - Beginner's Booster

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