Mathematical Improvement – Maths Muncher

Maths Muncher meets every curriculum outcome for Grade 1 to 12.

The convenience of diagnostic tests available for each mathematical subject, empowers facilitators to pinpoint problem areas timeously and accurately.

Maths Muncher enables the facilitator to switch easily between mental arithmetic, curriculum content and diagnostic testing.

Random exercises, automatic remediation, theory explanation and immediate feedback on answers, showcase the formidable facilities built into this proven mathematical system.

Feedback in real-time keeps facilitators in touch with learner progress, ensuring a firm grip on learners who require support or knowing when to proceed to the next concept.

Through this system, logic, abstract thinking, concentration, accuracy and discipline is developed – it is an asset to schools and institutions.

A complete record of progress is captured and updated continuously. Reports and analyses of performance provide hands-on and directive management information.

Maths Muncher provides:

Mathematical Improvement - Maths Muncher
  • Diagnostic Analyses;
  • Automatic Remedial Approach;
  • Mental Arithmetic;
  • Random Exercises;
  • Step by Step Explanations;
  • Immediate Feedback on Answers;
  • Motivational Rewards.

Get Maths Muncher for your household!

  • 5 users
  • Gr. 1 to 12
  • Curriculum based exercises – the entire syllabus for every school year!
  • Includes step-by-step explanations for every exercise and concept
  • Automatic remedial -child has to pass a section before moving on to the next one

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