Learn to Read – Reading Rocket

Reading Rocket builds the bridge between having the fundamental skills for reading and being able to read.

This unique and eclectic approach erects a crucial gateway to successful reading, paving the way to a mature learner, mastering required material for each grade.

A variety of fun-filled lessons, packed with exciting exercises are suitable for young and old. This systematic, repetitive approach guarantees mastering of all the vital principles launching a road to successful reading development.

Any institution, pre-school, school or working environment where the ability to read is a prerequisite, will gain a huge return on investment by implementing our learn to read curriculum.

The difference between traditional Adult Based Educational Training (ABET) programmes and Learn to Read is that Learn to Read produces quick and long lasting results by offering a variety of approaches and ample interesting content exercises.

Learn to read is used to master:

  • Sounds;
  • Letters;
  • Linguistic Terminology;
  • Word & Sentence Construction;
  • High Frequency Words.

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Learn to Read - Reading Rocket

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