Improve Your Child’s Reading with This Powerful Tool

Any child must be able to read to become successful at school and later in life. Reading is the essential skill that is needed to understand most other topics. If reading and language are not mastered, it will be impossible to understand other topics such as science, mathematics and programming.

While there are many different techniques and strategies to help your child to read, one proven way is to invest in software that takes them through each valuable phase of learning. This is exactly what Reading Rocket does. The program is suitable for learners that are in the learn-to-read phase as well as learners from Gr 1 to 12. It even includes university level learning. The program also helps the learner to progress to the appropriate and required reading level and speed for each grade.

How the Reading Software Works

The reading software includes colourful pictures, hundreds of interesting lessons in Afrikaans and English as well as game-like exercises to improve spelling, reading, comprehension and reading techniques. There are specific sections to help your child learn to read, understand language principles, master spelling skills and improve individual reading. He or she will also receive learner reports and rewards as they progress through the various sections.

Reading rocket:

  • Installs on Windows-based computers
  • Solves learning problems
  • Captures results
  • Is issued together with proper online training
  • Is easy to use

Why Invest in This Reading Tool?

  • Determine reading age accurately
  • Master language concepts
  • Expand vocabulary
  • Enhance reading comprehension
  • Accelerate reading speed
  • Breed reading motivation

Benefits of improved reading skills

  • Improves concentration, memory skills and thinking patterns
  • Boosts self-confidence to participate in conversations, work sessions and group work
  • Improves reading speed, comprehension and spelling skills
  • Shortens the time needed to do homework and assignments
  • Establish reading strategies for effective learning
  • Cultivates discipline
  • Integrates reading with technology
  • Gives parents peace of mind that their child will perform well academically

For more information about how we can help you improve your child’s reading, fill in your details below:

    Your Progress Is Our Passion!

    Why you need to invest in this powerful reading tool today:

    • Every day you hesitate is another day your child struggles
    • Every day without this powerful tool, another opportunity to progress and achieve is gone
    • An early start is already half gained
    • Better reading is never out of fashion
    • Read better now and overcome the fear of failure
    • Meet the required standards for your grade before it is too late
    • Fulfil your own dreams – start today, because reading is the key!

    For more information about Reading Rocket, contact our Executive Director Lotta Engelbrecht on 012 667 4333.

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