About Us

Stimulus Maksima!® originated in 1995. We operate nationally through a well-established franchised system.

Our pride is to render a service of excellence to hundreds of schools and private centres and thereby assist many thousands of scholars, students and adults to create a future .

We employ specialist educators and we work closely together with therapists and psychologists to support our passion in assisting and motivating everybody in the world that desires to experience personal growth by fulfilling their God given potential.

We address reading and mathematics preparation, the learn-to-read phase, as well as reading and mathematical improvement. Our reading improvement system empowers careers for scholars, students and adults. Our mathematical improvement system integrates with the curriculum from Grade 1 to 12. All our systems and courses are automatically remedial and are supported by a comprehensive assessment and reporting system. Real time progress reports are available.


We focus on the development of the learner as an individual through:

  • Teaching of values based on Christian principles;
  • Rendering of excellent services throughout our organization;
  • Ensuring continuous staff development;
  • Providing innovative products worldwide.

Success Factors

Critical success factors over twenty years proven to be

  • Proper training of educators implementing our systems;
  • Professional continuous support service to schools and institutions using our systems;
  • Measurable results, reflecting the progress of every learner;
  • Extensive reporting system which serves as a powerful management tool;
  • Quality control & feedback;
  • Continuous development & upgrading;
  • User friendly and robust software.


Our vision is to contribute to the development of a higher percentage of individuals who are emotionally balanced, intellectually stimulated and technologically equipped to contribute positively to the social and economic prosperity of their country.

Empowering Management

Our state of the art reporting system provides powerful management information, enabling decision-makers to act pro-actively towards the numerous literacy and mathematical challenges learners face.

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