The Franchise model enables you to establish a business subject to the terms conditions as regulated by us. You will be able to grow as big as you want to by servicing schools and home users and by establishing private centres. You will undergo extensive training, which is compulsory for the products selected, after which you will have continuous access to the material via our SM! online Training Academy.

  • Area
    The border of the Republic of South Africa is the only restriction with regards to geographical area. Preference will be given to applications focusing on regional areas and towns or cities where an existing supply chain or franchise does not exist.
  • Products
    1. Beginner’s Booster for 4-6 year olds – Pre-school maths and reading preparation.
    2. Reading Rocket - ready to read for Grade R and Grade 1 learners – Learn-to-read.
    3. Reading Rocket for Gr 1 to 12 learners and adults – Reading improvement.
    4. Maths Muncher for Gr 1 to 12 – Mathematical improvement.
  • Marketing
    1. We support the franchisee in direct (one-to-one) marketing by approaching selected schools and centres of influence for a period of time after start-up until the franchisee has reached a level of maturity to perform marketing by him/herself.
    2. A variety of professional, ‘ready-to-use’ marketing material is available on order from our professional printer desk.
    3. An active company web site and linked-in profile with regular blogs is maintained for on line marketing purposes.
  • Initial Costs (Available on Request)
  • Product Training
    1. Beginner’s Booster - Pre school maths and reading preparation live course.
    2. Reading Rocket - Learn to read and reading improvement on line course.
    3. Maths Muncher - Mathematical improvement on line course.
  • Management Training
    Administration and general management training enabling the franchisee to manage effectively.
  • Monthly costs
    1. Management fee: Based on the number of learners serviced by the franchisee - sliding scale (the higher number of learners the lower the fee per learner
    2. Product fee for each product served: Based on the number of learners per product serviced by the franchisee - sliding scale (the higher number of learners the lower the fee per learner).
    3. Training: A fixed fee per user to stay updated with the training material via our SM! online Training Academy.
    4. Administration: The use of an online administration system that is used by many franchises within the group is recommended. Prices will be quoted by the supplier on request.
  • Operations/models of implementation
    1. Pre-schools are normally serviced with a mobile computer centre or laptops where learners enrol on an individual basis.
    2. Contracts are settled with primary and secondary schools where all learners in the school participate in the project in which case the school/clients pays the franchisee monthly.
    3. A private reading/literacy centre is another successful application. Learners attend one or more reading classes per week.

All costs are available on request. Detail financial modelling of the prospective’s specific situation will be performed after the application have been approved.

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