Corporate Social Investment Partner

It is a honour for us to present you with this motivation for your possible involvement as a sponsor for literacy projects in your community or even internationally.

Our program is of educational nature. It contributes to early childhood development (4-6 year olds) and develops shool going learners reading and mathematical skills which are essential for any type of work and skills development program. It can also be used in any corporate environment to improve the reading literacy of adults:

  • The program is suitable for any ethnical group as well as for learners who are not educated in their mother tongue;
  • Improved learning skills enable learners to independantly do their school assignments and complete their examination papers successfully and in the set time;
  • The system equips facilitators and educators with a powerful computer-based tool to educate and monitor key skills for pre-school preparation, reading and mathematics;
  • Our internet-based reporting system enables your management team to monitor progress and keep you informed of the return on your investment;
  • The improvement of reading skills at school level and institutions enable learners to qualify themselves after school for appropriate courses. That alone increase the literacy level of your country and together with that the skilled labour market. Your company will therefore contribute continuously to your economy and business sector;
  • Through your involvement, your company will get the opportunity to introduce your products and services. There will also be learners that will have a positive attitude towards your brand in the years to come. Parents and the community will take note of your involvement;
  • Your company can make a difference not only in the life of one learner, but in the lives of many thousands. With your donation, your company can make a huge difference in education in the years to come.

Other benefits:

  • Exposure through Stimulus Maksima’s website;
  • Launching events, published in media;
  • Corporate Social Investment Partner logo add-in in programs used by learners.
Stimulus Maxima Sponsors

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