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If you’d like to know why reading matters


Why do we tell children to read? Why do we always tell children that reading books is beneficial for them? And is it even true in this digital age? Does reading novels actually help older children in any way? Are they moved by what they have read? Does reading to younger children have identifiable benefits? And, ... Read More
22 August 2017Stimulus Maksima


According to a 2016 report released by StatsSA, close on 2.5 million South Africans are illiterate: unable to read or write. If that sounds a little alarming, perhaps this statistic will soften the blow: only 7% of South Africans are considered truly illiterate. Now that doesn’t sound too bad...? But, when ... Read More
5 June 2017Stimulus Maksima
Reading Improvement


Any school can be successful in empowering every learner to obtain the adequate reading skills required to complete every school year, feeling confident, hopeful and inspired to fulfil their dreams and passion in life. Based on our experience over the past twenty two years, our team at Stimulus Maksima! identified the ... Read More
27 March 2017Stimulus Maksima
Adequate reading skills


Poor reading skills can severely damage a child’s sense of self worth. For child therapists who are concerned with developing children’s self esteem, emotional wellbeing and healthy, age appropriate communication skills, educational programs that assist in improving reading skills can be hugely beneficial for building self confidence. As a tool for ... Read More
10 March 2017Stimulus Maksima
Achieve adequate reading skills through play blog


Reading is one of the most vital core skills that children must develop in order to reach their full potential at school. Research shows that there is a direct link between reading skills and school performance. When you think about it, every area of learning can be enhanced - or ... Read More
27 February 2017Stimulus Maksima
computer based reading


Age appropriate educational play is essential for children to develop the physical and mental skills that they need to thrive. Occupational therapists who monitor and assist with the development of fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination know that babies and young children learn through movement, activity and play - while ... Read More
6 February 2017Stimulus Maksima
increasing your therapy success


As a therapist it is safe to say that you want to increase your clients’ consciousness, which in turn helps them understand their thoughts and feelings in relation to a problem. This understanding in turn, opens the idea of having different options to learn new ways to cope with life’s ... Read More
30 January 2017Stimulus Maksima


With a brand new year comes brand new opportunities – especially when it comes to reading development and improvement in your child. To help ensure a brighter, happier future for your little one, here are our top four suggestions on how best to support and assist in improving your child’s ... Read More
3 January 2017Stimulus Maksima


Cultivating a love for reading is important for children, whether it is at home or in the classroom Classrooms are big and the standardized tests only want one “right” answer from the students. How do teachers and parents cultivate a love for reading in children? How can we get them to ... Read More
23 November 2016Stimulus Maksima



Make time for books

Many times, when you ask someone what they are reading at the moment, they will give you a blank stare. While learners are forced to read stories throughout school, it’s a pity to see how few of them keep on this habit into adulthood. In America, a five-year campaign by the ... Read More
28 October 2016Stimulus Maksima

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